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What My Clients Say

I hope that anyone who has a conversation with me will instinctively understand the passion and purpose I bring to everything I do, but here are some of the kind words that my clients’ have had to say about working with me.
five stars Elaine
Elaine Rotherham
Company Director and Online Business Manager, Spero Solutions

Russ is one of those people in life you will never forget meeting. We met by complete chance nearly 5 years ago, when we were both working on a project for a mutual client. I quickly realised that Russ was the real deal. He is the font of all knowledge and wisdom when it comes to business structure and growth. I’ve seen him help so many overwhelmed and overworked business owners, reshape their businesses helping them build strong foundations, to allow their businesses to grow and evolve.

His approach is completely unique to him, Russ is your critical friend (and we sometimes all need one of those) he will encourage you to keep going and deliver the outcomes you agreed. He is always well prepared and is “the man with a plan” – for every scenario. In my opinion what makes him stand out from the crowd is the empathy and respect he shows when working with people, because life happens, he doesn’t give up on you if you hit a rough patch emotionally, mentally or physically. He’s right by your side helping you think clearly and guiding you to make considered decisions. He has a calming presence, he doesn’t get flustered easily and will expertly lead you through those inevitable hurdles you may hit on the road to success.

Over the years of working with Russ he has not only become a business acquaintance, but a friend and a mentor. If I ever face troubled times and I don’t know the way out he is the first person I call, and he will always take the time to talk it through with me. In my opinion, every business owner needs someone like Russ. He is the very best at what he does and becomes fully invested in seeing you succeed and have the life you dreamed of. I cannot recommend him enough.

five stars Robert
Robert Shaw
Founder, Smart Electricians

I first met Russell Thompson at a business networking event in summer 2019. I must admit back then I was not 100% sure what a business consultant does, but I thought Russell came across very well and I got the impression that he certainly knew his stuff.

Fast forward a few months and we later met on a course where I managed to bag the best seat in the house sat next to Russell, (I’m not sure if Russell knows this but I actually moved seats when I saw an empty seat next to him). For a few weeks, Russell was my accountability coach, so I got a little glimpse of his planning and implementation skills along with his professionalism. It’s at this stage that I started to understand a lot more what a business consultant does.

I own a small electrical contracting business based in Sheffield, I’ve taken a lot of time to work out where the business needs to be and what I need from it so the goals were always clear but I did not know how to go from where I was to where I wanted to be. I needed to stop thinking of business from my tradesman approach and start thinking like a business owner. It was at this stage where Russell and I sat down and started to formulate a plan.

We have now been working together for coming up to 10 months and the progress we are making is brilliant. We have a clear plan of where the business is going, and we have highlighted the key steps and milestones that we need to reach before we transition into the next phase of our plan. Throughout this time, Russell has been outstanding in his delivery with the introduction of new software and platforms to keep track and monitor our progress. All of our work together has been tracked for future reference. He has also become a very trustworthy sounding board for all of our big business decisions. Russell is good at asking the right questions and making you question the current processes within the business.

Russ is a true asset to any business, and I feel privileged to have him as our “Director on Demand” and I highly recommend his services. Thanks again Russell.

five stars Guy
Guy Tomlinson
Managing Director of SEO CoPilot Ltd

I have worked with Russell for some time now and he has helped me with my business. We are more streamlined due to the help Russell has given us and I can’t thank him enough for all his help. Highly recommended.

five stars Liam
Liam Smith
Director of Customer Contact at Rank Group

Russell is a dedicated business partner who has the ability to build deep and long lasting relationships with partners and suppliers, enabling him to develop opportunities & new revenue streams that add long term value for both parties.

He is commercialy astute and able to quickly assess the economics of an opportunity for both parties, and is not afraid to walk away from those opportunities that represent a low return.

As an individual I hold Russell in the highest regard, and would not have any hesitation in recommending him.

five stars Richard
Richard Brown
MD of ReBalance Management Limited

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Russell Thompson Consulting on a number of projects over the past couple of years.  Russ is a creative, dedicated and insightful business partner, I have no hesitation in recommending the services he provides and look forward to collaborating on future projects.

five stars Gary
Gary Linke
Owner at The Missing Linke

Russell is a great people’s person and brilliant with customers, senior colleagues and business partners. He listens to advice, takes a balanced view and then makes his mind up and shows genuine enthusiasm for the task.

five stars Dil
Dil Patel
Connecting Brands and Communities

One word. TRUSTED. If ever you need a safe pair of hands to deliver, Russell ticks all the boxes. He comes with a rare mix of strong values and a delivery mindset, which makes him an intoxicating business partner.

Diagnose. Design. Deliver.

Every Great Adventure starts with a Single Step!

Its true! Every great adventure has to start somewhere. For me, that somewhere is found in two key principles - Listening and Learning.
Everything I can do for you is based on applying these principles to build an approach that works specifically for you and what you want to achieve. I’d love to learn more about you and your business.