Diagnose. Design. Deliver.

Fractional Operations Director

Do you need the expertise of an Operations Director or a COO, without the full-time pay check?

Someone to strategically lead your business operations and move the company forwards?

Then engaging me as your Fractional Operations Director may be the ideal solution.

What is a Fractional Operations Director?

When a business begins to scale, the founder or owner often won’t have time to take on the role of operations director or COO due to the day to day challenges of running a business.

You’ll have built a solid team, all great at their individual roles, but does anyone have the experience and expertise to create your organisational strategy and implement it ensuring it enables the growth you are striving for?

Often businesses can grow so quickly that they are at risk of hitting a ceiling without a clear operational strategy being implemented.

But a full time Operations Director can be a huge investment for a company.

A Fractional Operations Director works on a contract to give you the time each month that your organisation needs, now and into the future. So you pay for exactly what you need – and not for anything you don’t.

fractional ops director

The benefits of working with a Fractional Operations Director

Driving Operational Strategy Forward

I’ll work with you to design, and deliver a bespoke operational strategy… improving on your existing strategy or creating from scratch. Either way, we’ll be building an operational strategy that will become a corner stone of your future business success.


Bespoke Service

Hiring a Fractional Operations Director allows you to benefit from the expertise and experience you need in your business, for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone on a full-time basis. And being a bespoke service, you only pay for the time you need from me and not for anything you don’t.


In Your Business

As your Fractional Operations Director, I’ll be actually working in your business – on a basis that works for you. It’s a ‘hands on’ role and I’ll be working with you and your team, your partners and suppliers, to implement our strategy and oversee its successful delivery of the benefits it will bring for you and your clients


What my clients’ say

I hope that anyone who has a conversation with me will instinctively understand the passion and purpose I bring to everything I do, but here’s what my clients’ say.

“Russ has exceptional commercial skills to deliver the most effective way forward for any business”

“I have no hesitation recommending the outstanding quality of Russell’s work, he’s an asset to any team”

“Russell leads by example and through his natural enthusiasm and dedication to the task at hand”

“I have enormous respect for Russell – he will have a positive impact on any organisation he works with”

“One word. TRUSTED”

“Russ has a great understanding of how to engage ALL stakeholders to make each project he works on a success”

“Russell is commercially astute and able to quickly assess the economics of an opportunity for the benefit of his clients”


Russell Thompson, YOUR Fractional Operations Director

Many businesses have a business plan… but often the strategies that sit below it are neglected due to the day to day demands of the business. Operational strategy is often forgotten.
Operations in any organisation can expand and grow, sometimes rapidly and organically. This can mean they are not governed by a strategy, not documented, and not driven strategically forward.

As an experienced Operations Director and consultant working with both SMEs and global enterprises, I won’t let this happen to your business. My tools, strategies and solutions are built to help organisation continually improve and to last beyond our time working together.

I’ll bring with me a fresh perspective and a determination to achieve your goals.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Interview me.

Put me through your selection process to make sure that not only do my capabilities meet your needs, but to ensure I’m a good fit to work with your team and the culture you’ve set out for your business.

I’m sure we’ll find that we’re a good fit. But if we’re not, I’ll help you find someone who is.

Diagnose. Design. Deliver.

Every Great Adventure starts with a Single Step!

Its true! Every great adventure has to start somewhere. For me, that somewhere is found in two key principles - Listening and Learning.
Everything I can do for you is based on applying these principles to build an approach that works specifically for you and what you want to achieve. I’d love to learn more about you and your business.